Annual Exhibition 2021

A very warm welcome to our Annual Exhibition 2021 online gallery.
The gallery below contains many wonderful images that showcase just some of the work from our members over the past year.
Due to Covid-19 our Annual Exhibition 2021 is online only.

A welcome message from Imelda May

Please feel free to browse through the images and leave comments. Simply open an image, press play, select full screen and enjoy the show!
Please note that all images are protected and copyright of the respective author. Saving, duplication or reuse for any purpose is not allowed without prior written permission of the author.

If you are interested in finding out more about the club, the New to the Club page gives a good overview of what we get up to, and if interested you can join here.

Finally, a special word of thanks to Michael O'Sullivan FIPF who picked the winning images for this year's exhibition and to Imelda May (Maria O'Reillys sister) who very generously recorded the welcome message shown above.

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2 thoughts on “Annual Exhibition 2021

  1. A great photo of horse racing , by Christine Taylor
    A nice photo of black and white contrasts, with good textures, by Kay McCarthy.
    Paul Forde, Very cool. a good composition. Fascinating tones.
    Daniel Kane. A great composition, lovely colours , and the sun in just the right place, and the architecture is interesting too. so much to enjoy.
    Anthony Waldron; So charming, so simple, and I like the focal point, with the dot and the dash.
    John McIntyre.; a nice simple shot. I like the orange of the beak against all the green.

    Keep up the good work. Its obvious that everybody is having a good time, and enjoying it all.

    Greg. Devlin.

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