A large part of the the activities of the club are the competitions. The actual competitions that the club runs each season can vary, as can the rules and scoring for each of the competitions.

The two main competitions in the club are the

  • League and Photographer of the Year competition (POTY), and the
  • Nature competition

The website is up to date for the 2023/2024 season, where the club will run the League (incorporating POTY) and the Nature competition and you can follow the links below to find out more about the format for these competitions for this season.

However, before you can compete you need to satisfy certain requirements which are mentioned below.

Before you can compete

Before you can compete in the club competitions you need to have a competition number and you need to be graded.

When you join the club the treasurer will assign you a number which can be used when entering the competitions.

To get a grade you should bring along a selection of your images (digital copies will suffice) to one of the club meetings. Bring along about 10 or 15 of what you consider to be your better images and find a member of the grading committee who can then grade you. Our grades are Novice, Intermediate and Advanced and once you have your grade and number you can start to enter the club competitions.

Please contact the grading committee via e-mail to arrange for your images to be graded.

Now follow the links below to find out more about the competitions for the season ahead!