The Irish Photographic Federation

The Irish Photographic Federation

The IPF is the umbrella body for Camera Clubs and Photographic Societies in Ireland.

The Federation is governed by a National Council made up of members elected by all member clubs. Council members serve for three years before re-election.

The IPF is organised into the North East, Dublin and North Leinster, Midlands, Western regions and the Southern Association of Camera Clubs.

The regions run local rounds of National competitions, host lectures and bring the interests of local clubs to National Council. The National Council organise a series of National competitions as described in this guide and offer patronage / recognition to a series of national exhibitions.

The IPF also award Distinctions as a way of recognising personal achievement in photography. The IPF is the recognised affiliate for Ireland to the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).

The IPF website details the member organisations, programme of activities and lists general activities. Visit

The Club’s Representative is Michael Davitt LIPF-