Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour

Lists of Past Presidents & Chairpersons, Club Persons of the Year and winners of Competitions.

This is a vital record of activity in the Club and is kept up to date by the Secretary.


Past Presidets and Chairpersons

Club Presidents and Chairpersons by season.
2023/2024Lilian HarrisCillín Ó'Foghlú
2022/2023Frank ButlerLilian Harris
2021/2022Pat ShawFrank Butler
2020/2021David WolahanPat Shaw
2019/2020Austin CroweDavid Wolahan
2018/2019George PaciniAustin Crow
2017/2018Damien HickeyGeorge Pacini
2016/2017Rebecca MatthewsDamien Hickey
2015/2016Mark DonohoeRebecca Matthews
2014/2015Ken SeeryMark Donohoe
2013/2014Michael LinehanKen Seery
2012/2013Turlough O'ReillyMichael Linehan
2011/2012Christine TaylorTurlough O'Reilly
2010/2011Peter RossiterChristine Taylor
2009/2010Lorraine GilliganPeter Rossiter
2008/2009Edel MoranLorraine Gilligan
2007/2008Mark SedgwickEdel Moran
2006/2007Joe GeratyMark Sedgwick
2005/2006Declan HancockJoe Geraty
2004/2005Cyrus SangariDeclan Hancock
2003/2004Bridie MaughanCyrus Sangari
2002/2003Rita NolanBridie Maughan
2001/2002Liam O'ReillyRita Nolan
2000/2001Vincent McNamaraColm Kavanagh
1999/2000Brian EdderyVincent McNamara
1998/1999Cliff HutchinsonBrian Eddery
1997/1998Mark SedgwickMary Mellott & Brian Eddery
1996/1997Jean ByrneMark Sedgwick
1995/1996Colm KavanaghJean Byrne
1994/1995Ciaran O'KeefeColm Kavanagh
1993/1994Michael DavittBrian Eddery
1992/1993Dallas CamierMichael Davitt
1991/1992George MorrisMark Sedgwick
1990/1991John ReidDave Betson
1989/1990John ReidDallas Camier
1988/1989John ReidVincent O'Reilly
1987/1988John ReidOwen Kavanagh
1986/1987John ReidCiaran O'Keffee
1985/1986John ReidCiaran O'Keffee
1985n/aClaire Farrell & Michael Higgins

Club Person of the Year

Recipients of The Brian Eddery Memorial Trophy for Club Person of the Year.
(Note: no record prior to 2013)
2023Multiple winners (book committee)
2022David Wolahan
2021Pat Shaw
2020Frank Butler
2019Not awarded
2018Tatiana Cahill
2017Dallas Camier
2016Jim Kelly
2015Damien Hickey
2014Michael Linehan
2013Betty Scanlon

Note that in 2022 a Special Award was given to the Project Team of Michael Davitt, Pat Shaw, Edel Byrne, Stuart Bould, Dallas Camier, David Wolahan and Colm Kavanagh in recognition of their extraordinarily successful efforts in producing and publishing - Celbridge – A Photographic Record.

Photographer of the Year Winners - All Grades

Photographers of the Year in Advanced, Intermediate & Novice.

* Note: Premier League ran from 2005 to 2010 as a separate grade from Advanced. They were merged again from 2011 onwards.
2023Turlough O'ReillyPaul FordeGary Caby
2022Turlough O'ReillyPaul GibneyGer Davin
2021Gerry KerrRuth KellyPat Byrne
2020Gerry KerrDermot RussellDaniel Kane
2019Michael LinehanStuart BouldTony Waldron
2018Gerry KerrAustin CroweShea Kavanagh
2017Niall WhelanNick MatthewsStuart Bould
2016Gerry KerrKelsey O'HareAustin Crowe
2015Michael LinehanRebecca MatthewsPat Collins
2014Gerry KerrVirgil IspasDavid Wolahan
2013Mark SedgwickMargaret FinlayTom Ormond
2012Scott McBrideKen SeeryMiriam Holton
2011Ciaran WhyteTurlough O'ReillyBer O'Brien
2010Mark SedgwickBrendan NorrisGareth ByrdDarius Cerneckis
2009Gerry KerrLorraine GilligantbcNiall Whelan
2008Cyrus SangariCiaran WhytePeter RossiterEoin O'Reilly
2007Gerry KerrDerek BennettPatricia MelvinFrancis Byrne
2006Cliff HutchinsonGerry KerrAida BestDeirdre Byrne
2005Mark SedgwickCyrus SangariAnne DevillySean Shanahan
2004Mark SedgwickGerry KerrAoife Kerr
2003Mark SedgwickCyrus SangariGerry Kerr
2002Ken MayRobert JolleyBernie O'Reilly
2001Vincent McNamaraJean ByrneIan Hutchinson
2000Cliff HutchinsonBridie MaughanAnn Devilly
1999Cliff HutchinsonVincent MacNamaraBob Jolly
1998Cliff HutchinsonAnn BehanBridie Maughan
1997Mark SedgwickDeclan HancockKen Maye
1996Mark SedgwickRon O'NeillTerry Breen
1995Mark SedgwickJoe GeratyMichelle Cunningham
1994Colin KavanaghIta Maria O'NeillTommy Brennan
1993Mark SedgwickPaul O'ConnorMarie McGuinness
1992Mark SedgwickLiam O'ReillyIta O'Neill
1991George Morris & Michael DavittKevin CarrLiam O'Reilly
1990Mark SedgwickPaula Howardn/a
1989Dallas CamierTeresa Redmondn/a
1988Vincent O'ReillyJohn Hennessyn/a
1987Jack HutchinsonGeraldine McCormackn/a
1986Jack Hutchinsonn/an/a

Nature Photographer of the Year

Winners of the Advanced and non-Advanced Nature Portfolio club competition, and of the Anne Behan Memorial Trophy for Best Nature Image (which commenced from 2008).
YearNon-Advanced PortfolioAdvanced PortfolioBest Image
2023Anne O'GradyMichael LinehanMarilyn Boyd
2022Paul GibneyMichael LinehanTurlough O'Reilly
2021Ruth KellyChristine TaylorPaul Gibney
2020Anne O'GradyJim KellyJim Kelly
2019Pat ShawMichael LinehanMichael Linehan
2018Anne O'GradyChristine TaylorTom Ormond
2017Ruth KellyMichael LinehanTom Ormond
2016Austin CroweMichael LinehanMichael Linehan
2015Brendan O'HareChristine TaylorMichael Linehan
2014Tom OrmondMichael LinehanMichael Linehan
2013tbcMichael LinehanMichael Linehan
2012Martin ByrneMichael LinehanMichael Linehan
2011Frank ButlerMark SedgwickRomanic Peri
2010Turlough O'ReillyMark SedgwickMichael Linehan
2009Frank ButlerGerry KerrSidona Dambrauskaite
2008Peter RossiterMerv ColtonMerv Colton
2007n/aCyrus Sangarin/a
2006n/aCliff Hutchinsonn/a
2005n/aCyrus Sangarin/a
2004n/aGerry Kerrn/a
2002n/aCliff Hutchinsonn/a
2001n/aDallas Camiern/a
2000n/aCliff Hutchinsonn/a
1999n/aCliff Hutchinsonn/a
1998n/aPeter McCormackn/a
1997n/aPeter McCormackn/a

Best Image In Exhibition

Winners of the Best Overall Image in the Exhibition.
2023Christine Taylor
2022Michael Linehan
2021Gerry Kerr
2020Cliff Hutchinson
2019Jim Kelly
2018Gerry Kerr
2017Stuart Bould
2016Turlough O'Reilly
2015Mark Sedgwick
2014Michael Linehan
2013Lorraine Gilligan
2012Declan Hancock
2011Cliff Hutchinson
2010Brendan Norris
2009Lorraine Gilligan
2008Declan Hancock
2002Colm Kavanagh
2001Cliff Hutchinson
2000Martin Rowe
1999Mark Sedgwick
1998Ron O'Neill
1997Cliff Hutchinson
1996Mark Sedgwick
1995Joe Geraty
1994Colm Kavanagh
1993Dallas Camier
1992Rosemary Lucas
1991Colm Kavanagh
1990Kevin Carr
1989Vincent O'Reilly
1988Michael Davitt
1987Vincent O'Reilly
1986Jackson Hutchinson

Best Monochrome Image In Exhibition

Winners of The George Morris Memorial Trophy for Best Monochrome Image in the Annual Exhibition
2023Darius Matulevicius
2022Turlough O'Reilly
2021Gerry Kerr
2020Ruth Kelly
2019Ruth Kelly
2018Tom Conniffe
2017Nick Matthews
2016Turlough O'Reilly
2015Gerry Kerr
2014Gerry Kerr
2013Mark Sedgwick
2012Lorraine Gilligan
2011Deirdre Byrne
2010Mark Sedgwick
2009Merv Colton
2008Bernie O'Reilly
2007Robert Francis
2006Eddie Power
2005Joe Geraty
2004Mark Sedgwick
2003Declan Handcock
2002Robert Jolley
2001Cliff Hutchinson
2000Mark Sedgwick
1999Mark Sedgwick
1998Ron O'Neill