Image Submission Rules

Submitting Your Images

Christine Taylor - Upon reflection

Rules that apply to Print and Digital Images

An image may only be entered once in each of the club competitions. This applies across seasons, so an image entered in a previous season of the league, for example, cannot be re-entered in the league competition this season. Similarly, an image entered in a previous season of the club nature competition cannot be re-entered in the nature competition this season.

The same image may be entered in different club competitions. For example, an image may be entered in both the league and the nature competition.

Closely similar images are not permitted. Final decision on whether two or more images are similar will lie entirely with the competition secretary.

Late submissions will usually not be accepted, so if you are not able to be present on hand-in night, please arrange with a friend to submit your entries. The Hand in Nights are listed here.

Images must be entered into the correct grade. Images that are submitted into the incorrect grade, and which are judged in that grade will be disqualified from that round of the competition.

Rules that apply to Print Images Only

Submissions will only be accepted when mounted on a 20 x 16 inch board (Black White or Cream). These boards are sold in the club prior to competition hand in nights.

When Mounting your print spray or paste the back of THE PRINT before sticking it to mount board as opposed to spraying or pasting the Mount Board as this will help prevent prints sticking together when packed in boxes for judging.

On the top left hand corner of the back of the your print clearly mark your competition grade and three digit competition number, the media category and where applicable the print title. When you are entering multiple images in the same media, give each a number.

Monochrome Print #2
“Interesting title”

Rules that apply to Digital Entries Only

Entry of digital images into internal club competitions must be made by email to This must be done by midnight of the hand in night for that (round of the) competition.
Submitted images must comply with the following:

  • The image size must be 2048 pixels on the longest side.
  • The image file must be saved as jpg format.
  • The name of the image file must follow the format Xyyy_Z_title.jpg*

*Where X = A for Advanced, I for intermediate, and N for novice.
Y = your competition number and Z = 1 or 2 for entry 1 or entry 2 etc.

Your title should be a simple one or two word identifier. For example if you enter two images, one of a duck and one of a swan into the novice entry and your competition number is 123, then the entry names would look like:


Colour space sRGB is preferred for those that are interested.
You should retain the original .psd or .tif file in case the image is to be printed for National Shield or League competitions.

If you are unsure how to resize your digital image, there are instructions below.

Due to the overhead involved in collecting digital entries, any images which do not comply with the above rules, will not be accepted for entry to that competition.

Projected Image Re-sizing

Sizing your photos for projected image section of monthly competition

You have finished editing and or manipulating your image. You have decided to enter a copy of it in “Projected image" category of the monthly league competition. Follow this steps to simply re-size the image:

Create a new folder

Make a folder on your desktop by right clicking your mouse on a clear area of your desktop. A drop down list appears, click on the word “NEW” on this list, another list now appears click on the word “FOLDER” on this list. An Icon labelled “NEW FOLDER” highlighted in blue appears. Type a name, such as “projected image” to rename this folder.

Resize your image

Open your image in Photoshop or Elements
In Elements go to → Image → resize → Image Size
Photoshop Full Version go to Image → Image size
The Image Size Dialogue Box appears.
You must ensure both the resample image and constrain proportions boxes are ticked.
In the pixel dimensions box note which is the largest side - i.e. width or height - and change this figure to 2048.
Note that the file size as displayed at the top of the dialogue box reduces considerably to about 2Mb (depends if and how you cropped the image earlier).
Click the “OK” button to accept the changes.
Your image may suddenly appear physically smaller on screen if so just go to top of screen and click on VIEW → Actual pixels and you will see all is well!

Save your resized image

The image has now been sized but it needs to be “saved as” a jpeg and named as your competition entry.
Go to FILE (at top left of screen) click and then click on "save as”.
The “save as” dialogue box appears. At the top you will see a drop down arrow click on this then click on “Desktop” on the list that appears. In the “window" you will see all the folders on your desktop navigate to and double click on the folder you made and named earlier "projected image" that folder name should now appear at the top of the dialogue box.

Name your file

Now click in the box where it says “FILE NAME” and type the new name for your PHOTO which will be your 3 digit competition number e.g. My Number is 14 so I make it 3 digits by placing a 0 in front: 014. I’m in Advanced so I type in A014 then holding down the SHIFT key press the MINUS key this gives an “underscore” _
A014_ then type 1 as it is first competition entry followed by the name of the image. E.g. A014_1_Best Image Ever. The second image, if you have one, will be A014_2_Better than the last image.

Choose the format

Below the file name box is the format box, click the drop down list and select jpeg finally click save and pull the slider to 8 or 10 quality and click OK.

The photo is now renamed and resized and the original is safe!