Things to know

Things to know

Things to know about the club

  • Meeting time 8pm on Monday nights in Slip Hall unless otherwise specified.
  • Membership Fees are due by 31st October.
  • Fully paid-up members receive regular communications from the club via email and WhatsApp and are eligible to attend club activities both in the hall and via Zoom to enter club competitions and benefit from our education programme.
  • Images submitted for club competitions, calendars or any other club publication can be used for promotion of the club on CCC website or club social media channels with the exception of images of children.
  • The club holds an annual exhibition and competition every year and monthly competitions allows members to showcase their work.
  • Christmas Party and other social events are very well supported and are a great way to get to know other members.
  • During the months of June to August Monday night organised photographic outings are arranged to put into practice all that we learn during the year. These are very good fun and a great way to learn and make friends.


Provision of Images to Club

Images provided by a member of Celbridge Camera Club for any purpose may be used by the Club for competitions, exhibitions, events, publications, etc. and to promote, foster and encourage photography.

The Committee takes reasonable measures to safeguard any such images, particularly where the use of images for social media is anticipated, including, but not limited to, modifications of image resolution, inclusion of water-markings, copyright marks or other image protection measures.

Images of children will not be used by the Committee for promotional purposes.

The Club accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, tangible or intangible, arising from the use, wrongful use or misuse, of images provided to it by a member.