Club Ethos

Club Ethos

The Club is run by a committee which makes a huge effort to ensure that all aspects of the club operates successfully and at the highest standards. Needless to say, all members are expected to participate in club activities to the best of their ability and to support all our ventures.

There are several subcommittees and subgroups charged with different elements of the club activity and these groups perform invaluable work – groups such as the Technical Group, Selection & Grading Group and the Training & Education sub-committee.

To keep a club like ours operating effectively we have a constitution and rules that all members agree to abide by.

A key provision in our constitution is that “Members must treat all other members, and guests of the club, with respect and courtesy at all times.”. This is a guiding principle and governs all our interactions and activities. The Club is welcoming and inclusive and members will always show respect for people, their photography and their views on photography.

As much of our photography is outdoors and often in environmentally sensitive areas, members should take particular care not to cause damage to the environment or the habitats of wildlife and, in particular, not to interfere with nesting birds. As always members are advised to be aware of the provisions of current wildlife and environmental legislation and to always comply with these provisions. Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints.

The importance of the social aspects of the club cannot be overstated. All members are encouraged to participate fully in the suite of social activities, official and unofficial, that the club offers – e.g., Christmas parties, trips away, annual exhibition among others and not forgetting that everybody is welcome to have a post-club chat, coffee or drink in a local hostelry on most Monday nights.

All members are encouraged to share their experience and expertise with other members and this is critical to increasing the depth of learning and knowledge within the club.

So, enjoy our club, enjoy your photography and most of all enjoy the excellent company of fellow enthusiasts.