Celbridge – A Photographic Record

At the start of this year Celbridge Camera Club embarked on a project to photograph the town of Celbridge, its environs and other nearby towns.  We recorded the people, buildings, monuments and the environment and local wildlife of the area to try to provide an essence of life and how we lived in 2021. Celbridge and this part of North Kildare has a rich and varied heritage going back to Neolithic times.

‘Celbridge, A Photographic Record 2021’ is a high-end coffee-table style book that includes almost 600 wonderful photographs, beautiful artwork as well as interesting narrative by local historian Tony Doohan. The Record also reaches out to the surrounding towns and villages that exist close to Celbridge. It presents therefore an essence of Celbridge at this point in time.

The Record clearly shows the beauty of Celbridge and the surrounding towns and villages.  It is the most comprehensive collection of images of North Kildare ever created.