Important updates to the POTY rules

The up to date rules detailing how the POTY score will be calculated are available here.

Please also note the following with respect to the final round of this season’s club league and POTY competition.

  • The exhibition is the final round of the club league.
  • Each member is permitted to enter a single image in each of the media categories (i.e. one colour print, one monochrome print and one digital projected image) for this final round, and that image will score double.
  • In a change from our normal rules, members are allowed to re-enter an image that has already been entered into an earlier round of this season’s league competition.
    Members are encouraged to take on board the judge’s comments from the previous round and improve the image (if possible).
  • The hand in (and framing) night for the exhibition is also the hand in night for the final round of the league.
  • Members who are not competing in the league may still enter the exhibition. There will be a facility available on the night to clearly identify that their images are not to be considered in the club league. A similar facility will exist for the digital projected images. All of this will be explained clearly by the competition secretary prior to the hand in night.
  • All images submitted for the final round of the leage will automatically be included in the exhibition.

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