Prize Winners 2019/2020 Season

Full list of prize winners in the internal club competitions from the 2019/2020 club season.
Novice LeagueColour ImageBronze Medal (joint)Deirdre Quinn
Novice LeagueColour ImageBronze Medal (joint)William Smith
Novice LeagueColour ImageSilver MedalDaniel Kane
Novice LeagueColour ImageGold MedalMarty Ryan
Novice LeagueMono ImageBronze MedalSeamus Lennon
Novice LeagueMono ImageSilver MedalDeirdre Quinn
Novice LeagueMono ImageGold MedalDaniel Kane
Novice LeagueThemed ImageBronze MedalMarty Ryan
Novice LeagueThemed ImageSilver MedalDaniel Kane
Novice LeagueThemed ImageGold MedalSeamus Lennon
Novice LeaguePOTYTrophy & Gold MedalDaniel Kane
Intermediate LeagueColour PrintBronze MedalPat Shaw
Intermediate LeagueColour PrintSilver MedalPhilip Grehan
Intermediate LeagueColour PrintGold MedalDermot Russell
Intermediate LeagueMono PrintBronze MedalPat Shaw
Intermediate LeagueMono PrintSilver MedalPhilip Grehan
Intermediate LeagueMono PrintGold MedalDermot Russell
Intermediate LeagueProjected ImageBronze MedalPat Collins
Intermediate LeagueProjected ImageSilver MedalPhilip Grehan
Intermediate LeagueProjected ImageGold MedalRuth Kelly
Intermediate LeaguePOTYTrophy & Gold MedalDermot Russell
Advanced LeagueColour PrintBronze MedalJim Kelly
Advanced LeagueColour PrintSilver MedalChristine Taylor
Advanced LeagueColour PrintGold MedalGerry Kerr
Advanced LeagueMono PrintBronze MedalChristine Taylor
Advanced LeagueMono PrintSilver MedalGeorge Pacini
Advanced LeagueMono PrintGold MedalGerry Kerr
Advanced LeaguePOTYTrophy & Gold MedalGerry Kerr
Non-Advanced NaturePortfolioBronze MedalGarret Hogan
Non-Advanced NaturePortfolioSilver MedalPhilip Grehan
Non-Advanced NaturePortfolioTrophy & Gold MedalAnne O'Grady
Advanced NaturePortfolioBronze MedalFrank Butler
Advanced NaturePortfolioSilver MedalMichael Linehan
Advanced NaturePortfolioTrophy & Gold MedalJim Kelly
Combined NatureBest Image OverallTrophy & Gold MedalJim Kelly
ExhibitionBest Novice ImageGold MedalPaul Gibney
ExhibitionBest Intermediate ImageGold MedalJohn McKeone
ExhibitionBest Advanced ImageGold MedalChristine Taylor
ExhibitionBest Mono PrintTrophy & Gold MedalRuth Kelly
ExhibitionBest ImageTrophy & Gold MedalCliff Hutchinson

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